How to make a paper/cardboard sphere? For dummies

Hi everyone, Last year I’ve made an article about making a cardboard/paper sphere.
Since it has been so successful now I’ll make possible to English speakers to learn the technique, one of many of course.

You will require: a utility knife or scissors, glue, a few A4 sheets of paper, finally a mother or father that assist you, if you already are a mother or father you should get another grown up to help you.

Print the following images. The first one with the curved frames 3 times.
(You will need 12 pieces)
Then print the one of the wedges. You will need 12 copies of that one.
(You will need 48 wedges)


Step 1)

Glue the sheets of paper to a reasonable enough soft cardboard piece. You need the framing of the sphere to be strong but not too much since you will have to cut it.

Or in order to save some cardboard, you could cut first the pieces from the sheets of paper and then glue them as close as you can the ones to the others.

Try to not to paste cardboard on the tabs, because you need that they fold nicely. Otherwise it will be hard to fold them or the fold will not be perfect and it will be kind of curved.

Step 2)

Once you have your 12 curved pieces assemble them like this.

Step 3)

Then repeat “Step 1)” to make the wedges glue them, cut them, you will need 48 wedges.

Step 4)

Attach the wedges to the equator of the frame like this:

You’ll need 24 wedges to form one hemisphere then proceed to form the other hemisphere.

It’s almost impossible to shape a perfect sphere out of cutting and pasting but this one brings us pretty close.

If you desire to make it harder and perfect it a little bit the edges you could do this:
Shred a newspaper to little pieces and glue them all around the surface wait until dry, and apply a second one, then third and so on. I would recommend 5 as a minimum. After dries completely use a soft sandpaper to minimize the edges you have to scrub a lot and as gently as you can. You don’t want to ruin your job isn’t it?


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